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Megan Marod

Megan just finished playing Helen Bechdel in FUN HOME at the Penobscot Theatre in Maine.  

And then there is Megan Marod’s Helen Bechdel, mother to Alison and her two younger brothers, wife of Bruce and keeper of the chaos. Helen’s deep disappointment in how her life has turned out envelops Marod in a shroud of loneliness and despair. The actress bursts out of it in Helen’s solo about motherhood “Days and Days” that includes the line: “And no one clocks the day you disappear.” Marod’s portrayal is heartbreakingly real.  ~ Bangor Daily News

Marod plays Helen with a brittleness that comes through every gritted-teeth smile, giving the sense of someone who will do anything to maintain her own illusions about her family. ~ The Maine Edge

Megan can also be seen in many currently-airing episodes of MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM, where she uses her history degree to serve as a local expert on the Travel Channel.  

A fun note:  Megan's last name (Syrian) means "of hope."  Megan means "strong."  Her full name, Megan Marod, means "strong of hope" and that is how she lives every day.

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